October 17, 2017

The Next Generation

The summer months and so much travel can read havoc on my skin. It's blotchy and blemished and thirsty for moisture. I am a devout fan of Clarins so when I heard about the Double Serum, Next Generation, I could not have been more excited. 

I have been using the Double Serum for a couple years and even turned my Mom onto the product. It literally changes your skin as many women who are cult followers of the serum will tell you. You can see the results after one day. My mother is 59 years old and she would call everyday to tell me how her coworkers were noticing her skin seemed more youthful and glowing. 

So, what is the Next Generation? I will tell you. With 20 + 1 potent plant extracts including the key ingredient turmeric, your skin will even out and radiant from within. Firm, youthful skin will be yours again. The component I also love about the product is the double chamber releasing a customized amount depending on your skins needs (or in my case, help me not use too much). Basically, this serum rocks!

April 25, 2017

In My Closet: The Shirt Dress

You guys I really love this dress and this label. It's called L'Academie and some of you may already know it. I actually found this shirtdress at TJ MAXX for $39. It retailed at $195. Here is a similar Spring version at REVOLVE. I really like the versatility of the style. It's silk but can also be totally casual. I paired it with ankle boots in unexpected white. These were another steal at Zara's annual sale; $16.99. Yup.

April 13, 2017

Must Have: Clarin's Pore Perfecting Matifying Kit

I have a confession. My forehead is oily and shiny. It happens even before I leave the house. Foundation powders are not for me. I want a more natural look. I searched endlessly through Sephora and CVS for something that would do the trick. I should have known it was my beloved Clarins that would have just the product. 

Take a look at the Pore Perfecting Matifying Kit. This game changer
contains gentle blotting papers that soak up excess oil AND a lightweight, translucent powder in one beautiful looking compact. When I apply the powder in the morning, I am oil free for hours. I swear! My makeup stays in tact and the blotting papers are perfect for on the go. 

I also incorporate this product into my makeup routine. After I apply a layer of moisturizer, I apply my foundation and then set my lids and brows with the powder as my base. It works perfectly if not better than any primer I have tried. The great thing about this compact is you can refill the blotting papers which I will certainly have to do. The $48 is worth every penny. Trust me.

February 14, 2017

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

Uh oh. If you are anything like me, you might have woken up today and realized it is that one day of the year to treasure and shower your partner with love. The only is, you forgot. Men, here are some foolproof gifts available right now to keep you out of the doghouse. Good Luck!

For the Pet Lover

One of my favorite brands is Oh Joy featured at Target. The line is exactly the kind of style I decorate my own home with. This dog bed is a welcome addition for any pup.

1341 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02215

For the Beauty Queen

Clarins has always been a favorite of mine. The packaging of these products is perfect for today!

Limited Edition Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm: Formulated with cocoa, sheabutter and red currant to deliver 8 hours of hydration and instantly provide suppleness, comfort and protection so lips feel soft, smooth and beautiful. Available for $20 at all Clarins counters nationwide and on www.clarins.com.

Limited Edition Skin Illusion Blush: Clarins Skin Illusion Blush’s ultra-fine powder is enriched with skin-loving minerals and pure plant extracts for a naturally radiant finish. Available for $21.50 at all Clarins counters nationwide and on www.clarins.com

Prudential Center Plaza III, 760 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02199

For the Homebody

What girl doesn't love a comfy PJ set? These from Free People are just the right ones to give to your lady today. Super soft and cozy, you can't go wrong!
 800 Boylston St #41, Boston, MA 02199

December 15, 2016

My Home for the Holidays

As I mentioned, I recently moved into my South End apartment and I could not love it more. I was so excited to decorate my new sanctuary as I am extremely into the holiday spirit this year.

I even went so far as to make my own wreath. It was the first try so don't judge too harshly. I wanted to do something with all the flowers and berries of the season and have them dry on the wreath. Home Depot was the spot for overall great pricing with the plain wreath at $10 and our tree $38.
I really loved finding the garland below from Target! Only $3!
Ive been collecting Christmas trees for the past few years!

December 12, 2016

Gift Guide: A Little Luck Never Hurt Anyone

Slowly but surely, I am knocking everyone off my shopping list this year. Sometimes I get stuck and gift ideas like this one always save the day. Target is one of my favorite places on Earth because of little treasures like this horseshoe wall art from West Emory

I just moved in September and this has perfect energy for my new place. It is also pretty perfect to give to someone who may need a little good fortune.

Originally, the story of the horseshoe superstition begins with the story of a blacksmith named Dunstan. The devil came to Dunstan and had him fit his new horseshoes. Dunstan recognized the devil and nailed a horseshoe onto his hoof. The pain allowed Dunstan to chain him and made him swear he would never enter a place that had a horseshoe hung over the door. Some believe that if guests come to a house where a horseshoe is above the door, they must leave by the same door through which they entered or they will take the luck from the horseshoe with them.

There are many other theories:
  • For luck in the New Year, sleep with a horseshoe under your pillow on New Year’s Eve.
  • The crescent shape of the horseshoe can ward off the evil eye.  
  • There is luck in finding a horseshoe where the open space is facing toward you. 
  • Dreaming of a horseshoe will bring good luck. 
  • Some believe a horseshoe hung in the bedroom will keep nightmares away. 

September 26, 2016

Jewels: MantraBand

I feel like I slowly started to take a break from my normal arm party. However, the urge to drown my wrists in pounds of metal is back in full force. I started the hunt for some new bangles to adorn my empty wrists and found MantraBand . 
A friend of mine had just finished telling me to tattoo Let It Go on my wrists as I was going through a move and the pains of things changing around you in your thirties. Only, I didn't have to get a tattoo. All I needed was this rose gold bangle. Whatever mantra you need to inspire you or just get through the day, they have it. They are available in silver, gold or rose gold at a great price so you can collect and build your collection. They are also adjustable which is nice for my small wrists. 
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