May 24, 2012

A Big Makeover

You must be wondering what is going on with the layout of this site, right? The site and blog are getting a makeover! I am so excited to reveal in a couple weeks. The designing process is a blast but also challenging. There are so many fonts and colors! I hope you enjoy the finished product. Be back soon......

ShopLocket Contest

Hey everyone! I have teamed up with ShopLocket and their #ShopMyBlog campaign! Shoplocket is a new site where people can sell their products with no upfront fee. It's a great way to clean out your closet and get ready for summer. Check out listings here. I have decided to sell my SQ the Label pink dress! It's gorgeous but it does not fit me anymore.

ShopLocket is giving away a $100 credit that can be used to purchase anything on the site!

TO ENTER: To enter, all you have to do is send a tweet that uses @shoplocket and #ShopMyBlog stating what you'd like to buy or sell with shoplocket.

May 13, 2012

Picture Perfect

Here are some things that made my week:
My new favorite necklace from H&M!
I just discovered a love of cakepops especially these from Starbucks.
I can't get enough of this shot! It was taken by @hugesunglasses.
Inspired by @PSIMADETHIS, I designed the wrapping paper for my mom's present.
Justin, the beau, and I at brunch for Mother's Day.
The Beehive bathroom is by far the coolest I have ever seen!
I do not pose the dogs. I swear!
Scout waiting for a treat from the Polka Bakery down the street. They just partnered with Target so we had to buy some of their cookies!
As part of my remodeling the apartment, I picked up this adorable key rack from Privet Home while I was at Target. Isn't it darling?

May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Growing up, my Mom swore up and down that we would be best friends. Of course, the bratty kid I was said, "Never!". Well, she was right. My mother is my best friend and the biggest support system I have. She has been there by my side through everything; always motivating and inspiring me. Without her, I don't know where I would be. I wish everyone could be as lucky to have the kind of mother I do. A mother who is full of strength, kindness, generosity, and love.
Enjoy the day with your Mom and make her feel special!

May 11, 2012

Coffee Table Makeover

As I said before, I need a change in my apartment. Today I was inspired to simplify my coffee table. It has become cluttered with old magazines, too many books, and all sorts of trinkets. It was time to clear out the junk and modernize the table.
I discarded all the old magazines and instead made two piles of books to break them up.
I love candles but I need to find some new, simple designs.
One of my favorite things. I found this statue in Newport.
A candle holder I think is just lovely.
These are filled with floating bubbles.
Some of my favorite reads.

It still needed a little something so I found this place-mat and used it as a centerpiece.
What do you think?

Tiffany and Co.: A Celebration

Tonight was the 175th Anniversary Party and celebration of the new Rubedo Metal at Tiffany and Co. in the Chesnut Hill Mall. Many Boston bloggers were there to celebrate and socialize. I was there to try on some diamonds. It was a fabulous evening with delicious Tiffany treats, drinks, and amazing gems. 
Sparkle and Fade dress, Sparkle and Fade blazer, Velle bag,  Coconut wedges
Julie Q of JQ Lounge and on far right, Zoe Malliaros of Fashion is Freedom
Alana Brooks of Good Girl Gone Blog and Amy of Stylish Year
The new Rubedo collection
A wonderful gift from Tiffany's. It will look gorgeous on my coffee table.

May 10, 2012

Stylefixx Events 2012

Last night was the fabulous Stylefixx Events held at the Cyclorama. Ladies enjoyed treats, bubbly, and some major shopping! Vendors from everywhere come to share their goods.  If you love jewelry, this is the event for you. Be sure to stop by the Jewelry Bar
My favorite stop was hivernage. I love the poufs. They would be perfect for my living room makeover!
My friends The Fish and Bone were there! I adore this pet shop. The selection is amazing. Grab your pooch a gift.
What I Wore: H&M shorts, Lauren Conrad blazer, Gap wedges, Velle bag, vintage turban
There are still tickets available for tonight!

May 1, 2012

A Pop of Color

Today is completely dreary! It has me thinking of adding some more pops of color into my apartment. It's amazing what a little accent will do! On a recent trip to Anthropologie, I fell in love with this look below. The couch takes center stage and does all the work in this dressing room. Adding a few textured pillows and simple glass bulbs really make this a fun place to be! Don't you think?

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