With all my experience in styling, I provide a service for those who need to refresh their wardrobe, add some new trends or simply don't have time to shop. If you feel you need a new look, let me help you. As a fashion consultant and personal stylist, I'll bring out your best and allow you to find your personal style. I work with all clothing budgets.

Consultation: This is the primary meeting to discuss and establish your current style and future goals as it relates to your lifestyle. During our meeting, I will take proper measurements, discuss your ideal look, and create a personal style portfolio that addresses your needs. We will also take a look inside your closet and go through your trouble areas. This consultation usually lasts one hour and serves as the touchstone for your personal style.  

Personal Shopping
The pillar of personal styling. Together we refer to your portfolio, decide on your ideal aesthetic and execute it. While some may say that there is nothing like new clothes, I say that there is nothing like the right clothes. I will ensure that we find the look that is right for you. 

The Home Boutique: If you do not like to step foot into a store never mind a mall, this is the service for you. Not only will I find the pieces you are looking for, but bring them right to your closet while we  put together looks with your new and current wardrobe. (minimum 2hrs) 

A Lesson Learned: Come on along on the quest for your new staple items! If you have always been intimidated by shopping, then learn some tips on how I choose what is right for you to wear and how to maneuver in the stores. (minimum 2hrs)

Online Shopping: If you prefer online shopping and just don't want anything to do with stores or in-person consults, I will find the pieces based on your personal needs whether it be an event or just your overall wardrobe. This allows you to simply look and order right to you. I will also consult on pieces you find on your own on the web.

Closet Revamp: This is where we can see what you wear, what you don't wear, and most importantly discover what you should NOT be wearing. It is a great way to organize and get rid of clothes that do not complement who you are. I will show how to put looks together with the same pieces and find out the key staples you are missing. I will organize everything and devise your personal blueprint that you will be able to follow and refer to for years to come. (3hr minimum for first time clients)

Seasonal Style: You don't have to put everything away in the attic anymore! This is a service to help you change your look with each season. Learn how to roll certain pieces over to last throughout the year. It is truly amazing the longevity your wardrobe will provide if done properly. And yes, you can wear white after Labor Day!

Give the Gift of Style with a personalized gift certificate to your favorite fashionista!

Fashion Shoot Production: I offer styling and production for professional shoots. 
Price upon request.

Prices upon request.
Travel available only ten miles outside Boston and a transportation fee may apply*
Please call 617-678-7000 for any pricing questions.
Deposit may be required, 24 hour cancellation fee applies*
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