May 31, 2010


I have been wearing a new version of the ever so popular Jade from Chanel. It is a lighter, pastel version and believe it or not it's from Revlon. The shade appropriately named Minted is in fact the color or a light mint or a pastel green Easter egg. Many of my co-workers fell in love and now we are all sporting it. If you want to venture out into the world of color subtly, then this color and price ($4.99) are right up your alley.

The ring is from H&M right now at only $6.95. Keep the compliments flowing.

May 27, 2010

The Pixie Cut

Not since the days of Iggy have we seen so many pixie cuts popping up. Personally, I absolutely love this look. You have to be super confident to wear this style. Hollywood trendsetters are giving us more confidence every day. This cut is perfect for summer and so easy to style. I recently cut off inches and inches slowly working my way to a pixie cut....someday.

My Version of a Pixie

Michelle Williams shows how to wear the pixie two ways.

The newest short do that debuted last night on American Idol was Miss Janet Jackson's. Coming out in a long cape-like dress, Miss Janet showed her newly chopped locks or barely there locks I should say. She looked amazing and only a woman as beautiful as her could pull this off. She is still "nasty" in my opinion.

 Get your pixie at Jeffrey Lyle Salon on Newbury Street.

May 23, 2010

The Interview

You finally got the interview. Now, however, your wardrobe is causing you more stress than perfecting your resume. When showing up for an interview, you want to look your best because perception is everything. Let me help you find the right wardrobe for your first impression and hopefully the job that follows. We will work with your current style to find the perfect ensemble that fits you and that job your going after! $100/hr

May 21, 2010

And that's why she's the First Lady

Michelle Obama knocks it out of the park again with her Peter Soronen gown at the state dinner on Wednesday. I can only imagine how beautiful this dress was in person. The color of the asymetrical gown was a bold, electric blue accented with a silver belt. The chiffon material had a slight shimmer in it making this gown perfect for the First Lady and fashion plate. She let the dress take center stage by wearing simple earrings as her accessory, and of course, the President.

“I have been getting the most amazing reaction, from the color to how it looked on her,” Soronen said. “It looked great and I’ve been really pleased with everything I’m hearing.”

May 18, 2010

Go back to your ROOTS

Go back to the old days with roots candles cleverly named after named Boston neighborhoods. This is the latest in candles using 100% soy wax so it can double as a heavenly scented body moisturizer. The growing candle company was founded by Erin Coyne from Everett or in roots terms "The Dirty E".

The idea of the company name was thought of when Erin came home to her "roots" in Boston after going through some life journeys creating the logo when she gave herself "wings" to grow the company. Unconventional, she uniquely named each scent after neighborhoods, traditions and landmarks of Boston.

Erin grew up making candles and bath products. Her love of candles took over and in early 2008, she started roots. She then took on Joey Simione, a fellow Everett boy, who sells the candles in his infamous South End laundromat. Obviously, my favorite scent is "South End" ironically smelling of clean laundry.

Every candle is high end soy wax, top shelf, paraben free fragrance oils with all cotton wicks. This is what allows you to use the trendy product's cooled down wax as a smooth, fragrant lotion. It is such a creative idea fusing lotion and candle light as a relaxing beauty product. Women can truly enjoy this product. I definitely have. The lotion was so soft the scent lasted forever on my skin and my living room was immediately filled with the smell of "Clean Laundry" right after I lit it.

Using all soy as opposed to a blend really makes a difference in quality in Erin's opinion. She really enjoys the science and formula of candle- making. Most of all, "I love making them, love talking about them and selling them. I love it when people actually try them and give me feedback such as it's true that it is a high end candle. I would have to say sitting with a glass of wine and matching new neighborhood names to new fragrances with a group of friends is probably the most fun!" she says.

Some of the neighborhoods included are: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Chinatown, Public Gardens, Quincy Market, Tea Party, Newbury Street, Garment District, South End, and Dirty Water.

Available now at Union Park Laundry at 316 Shawmut Ave. and find all scents at roots creations. Travel sizes are $15 and burn for 50 hours.

Look for them in a major New England chain by the end of the summer.

Zack Lo Party Details


The Zack Lo Party was held at Lobby last night with a fashion show following at Revolution Rock Bar. The party of course had yummy cocktails with names like Bella Donna after one of Zack's shoes and bites from Lobby. The best part of the night were the fabulous models dressed in Fountain Street Creative President's Everett Hoag's creations and Zack's amazing heels. They almost remind me of Louboutins and were recently featured in In Style and O Magazine. They are fun, fresh, and inventive.
From top: Everett Hoag, Zack Lo, Kevin Wery (Partner and Sales Exec) and Lisa Nogler.

All photos by Schuyler Ortega.

Turtle Boston

Mothe Dress from Turtle Boutique

A secret gem I like to go to find different, local brands is Turtle just around the corner from me on Tremont Street.  Turtle in the sense of a quaint, South End boutique means "coming out of one's shell". This boutique brings out your unique sense of style with labels like Elm, Prairie Underground, Feral Childe and Kelly Lane.

Ann Dingwell came to take over Turtle in the fall after years retail in the back Bay for many years. "I had been looking to buy an existing business for awhile. As Ann says, Turtle separates itself by "the mission to try and find new emerging fashion designers and artists that will not be found in any other boutiques or department stores in Boston." Her favorite designer is Elm, a company out of Iceland. Obviously her favorite piece is an Elm dress, "in a stretch fabric in a fabulous green color, tight on the top with a loose flowing bottom." Perfection.

This photo shoot was a blast with Jeffrey Lyle's, Tim Robishaw, and fab photographers, Nate Tia and Schyler Ortega. Gianna was our model for the appropriately named City Shoot. Shot in a Newbury Street alley, Trinity Church, and Comm Ave, we ran into some characters we won't forget, ate in Wendy's, and got some gorgeous shots.

May 16, 2010

We ain't saying she's a gold digger event

Join Halo and Avanti South this Thursday for swapping some gold, cash and cocktails. It's a night of gold digging.

141 Dorchester Ave in Southie

For those who don't know Halo yet, read this, Halo Events.


May 9, 2010

Armani's Celebrity Face Designer, Tim Quinn

  Read my interview featured in this week's Boston Herald blog.

Q&A with Celebrity Make-Up Artist Tim Quinn
Tim Quinn is known everywhere as one of the world’s best makeup artists. I can attest to the fact, it is true. He is the celebrity face designer and national director of creative artistry for Giorgio Armani Beauty. You may have seen him on the red carpet or gracing the pages of Elle, Cosmopolitan and Allure to name a few. Recently named, “Hollywood’s Makeup Artist of the Year in 2008″ by the Hollywood Life Magazine. Tim has also been named one of the “25 Beauty Stars” in W magazine. He has painted the faces of such stars as Gwen Stefani, Debra Messing, Katie Holmes and Kate Bosworth to name a few. I met Tim back in 2004 while I worked at the Improper Bostonian. Tim did my makeup for an event I had that night and when I looked in the mirror, my jaw dropped. No wonder celebrities always look so good.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with him at Saks in Boston last week while he was there for a public appearance. I decided to ask him for an interview to share with Bostonians some key makeup tips from the best pro around. We caught up, talked makeup, and got my face glowing in Armani.

S: What would you tell aspiring makeup artists today?
T: You have to listen to your own self because everyone is going to tell you something different. If you are lowsey, you’ll catch on pretty quick. (Tim is self-taught).
S: Who do you love working with and want to work with in the future.
T: Michelle Trachtenberg is great. She is such a professional. Uma Thurman I love. I’m dying to work with Megan Fox. We just got her for our underwear campaign and I am hoping we get in her into the beauty phase. I have always liked her look.
S: What are the biggest summer trends?
T: Bronzer. We’ll do it all over again. Especially up here, everyone is doing it in that three months that we have to make it happen. I always love a nude lip but a lot more color on the lip for fun. Sandra Bullock, Maggie Gyllenhaal have be seen with this lip.
S: What are your must have products?
T: Luminous Silk Foundation, Le Touch Eclat is something you can use for everything to bright and highlight. I’m addicted to Hampton Sun. They have the most amazing sun care. It promotes a healthy tan and the textures are unbelievable.
S: What is the most common beauty mistake women make?
T: The most common mistake is not keeping up with change. We see people get stuck in another reality. Stay current.
(Tim’s assistant, Fatima, prepped my skin with moisturizer and primer telling me it is essential.)
S: Are there any skin tips you have pre-makeup?
T: Same thing. Moisturizer, fruit, and water. It really makes a difference.
S: What is your favorite part of the job?
T: The people, I have more conversations. The eye cream I carry on the plane with me is a conversation starter alone. I meet all kinds of people and that is the best part.

In the end, once again I felt like a movie star and had the pleasure of talking with one of the greats in my industry who I am lucky enough to call a friend. It was a perfect Friday afternoon in my opinion.

May 5, 2010

The Met Gala Fashion Award Goes To...............

Sienna Miller did it again.  Just when you wonder, can she still bring us something inspiring, she brings it. I absolutely adored her choice of a navy lace Emilio Pucci dress and heels with Solange Azagury-Partridge jewelry. The plunging neck and intricate bottom made for something to see. The funky heels added her rocker chic trademark to the look.  Jude Law as arm candy is a perfect accessory.

Honorable mentions go to Giselle, Emma Watson, and Kate Bosworth.

Give Mom Some Glam

May 4, 2010

Jodi Arnold's Trunk Show

Lucky us, NYC designer, Jodi Arnold, formerly of Mint is showing her new collection at Holiday on Charles Street May 13th – May 16th. Enjoy styling tips and some sips from Holiday while you're there as well.

Check out her line for Limited she recently designed. "At the end of the day, I just want to create clothes that have a soul–an authenticity." – JODI ARNOLD

May 2, 2010

An Interview with Project Runway's Maya Luz

Brassiere Joe in the Colonnade Hotel hosts "Fashion Show Fridays" every week. This week Maya Luz was featured and showing off her brand new designs and accessories. Maya is beautiful in person and so down to earth.  She was the favorite in Project Runway but the 22-year old felt she needed more experience and left the show.  She has no regrets, a Mass College of Art degree, and all the opportunities she wants.  I spoke to her briefly before the show to find out a bit more.

How has being on Project Runway furthered your career?
It helped me a lot by realizing who I was and what I was going for. I think in the beginning I was like I just want to win and through the process realized I have some growing to do which is why I left the show. I want to explore and see what my clientele is. I am just starting out and I think to go and win Project Runway would have been too much to handle. You never know if you are going to win but there is a chance.  Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn both told me I would probably make it to the final three.

How did Nina and Tim help you?
Nina said some interesting things that I really took to heart.  I just need to go out and explore a little bit more what I want to do with this.  I think being fresh out of school a lot of fashion students tend to go and out and do all these really crazy things that don't work and I believe I had an element of that too. Now I am just trying to refine my craft and find my niche.  Accessories are really something I want to do. I think I have a good eye for it.

Tell me a bit more about the accessories....
So, what I am pretty known for are the ball and chain bags. I don't know if you saw Marilyn (yes people, as in Reisman, famous Boston fashion socialite) but she has purchased a few from me.  I am always interested in doing something different because so many bags are just ordinary, especially cocktail bags. To me accessories are the thing that pulls it all together, it is the icing on the cake. I want to be the designer that when someone walks in the room people are like "where did you get that bag!" and that is the effect I am going for.

Tell me about some of the materials you are using.....
I am actually sponsored by this company called Valtekz and they have composite fabrics. They do mainly boat interiors and hotel interiors . I contacted them because my step dad is an architect and I was digging through his office and found one of the sample books. He told me to take it and from there I started making bags out of the samples from the interior design company.  I contacted the company and told them I wanted to work with them. It is really soft and sews beautifully. It looks like metal. I am trying to bring to them more of a fashion angle because they are mainly interior designers.

Seeing as your step dad is an architect, does he have any influence on your designs?
My whole family did. My mom is also a photographer and a painter.

Maya's designs are truly gorgeous and she has great things ahead of her. Everything from the clothes to the bags and jewelry were unique yet wearable. Sure enough, I did see Marilyn with her spiky Maya bag front and center on the table. She is one lucky lady.

The Shirt Dress

I am loving the shirt dress.  It is such an easy way to look chic with minimal effort.  Here are some tips from StyleList.
Style Tips:
This white shirt dress has an effortless sexiness to it that's ideal for a day date (and it's not your fault if the cut makes him think about what you'd look like in one of his dress shirts).

These sandals have a little lift to them but are easy to walk in, so you can go with the flow of the date rather than having to worry about teetering around in 4 inch platforms.

Offset all these neutrals by choosing a bold bracelet like this colorblock cuff or a piece that has a story behind it. It can be good conversation fodder.

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