September 26, 2016

Jewels: MantraBand

I feel like I slowly started to take a break from my normal arm party. However, the urge to drown my wrists in pounds of metal is back in full force. I started the hunt for some new bangles to adorn my empty wrists and found MantraBand . 
A friend of mine had just finished telling me to tattoo Let It Go on my wrists as I was going through a move and the pains of things changing around you in your thirties. Only, I didn't have to get a tattoo. All I needed was this rose gold bangle. Whatever mantra you need to inspire you or just get through the day, they have it. They are available in silver, gold or rose gold at a great price so you can collect and build your collection. They are also adjustable which is nice for my small wrists. 
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