January 30, 2011

My Fashion Accessories: Scout and Lulu

I don't think I have ever introduced my two pups to you all formally. Meet Scout and Lulu, my two Boston Terriers, and the loves of my life (my boyfriend is okay too :)). They are always keeping me company and I might even call them co-workers since they are a constant in the office. Scout is six and Lu is three. They are boyfriend and girlfriend as they never leave each other's side and we have caught them in some compromising positions. Here are a few favorites.
Hanging out in the kitchen.....
Scout is a little tired....
Scout takes after his mother....The Peter to my Tinkerbell
The end.

Wind Factor: Pasotti Ombrelli Umbrellas

It's cold and the snow is everywhere. The blasting winds are coming from all angles and your hair is not responding well.  Hello Winter, we did not miss you. Thank you for Pasotti Ombrelli umbrellas which shield those nasty winds to protect our delicate skin. Since 1956, this company has been putting out the most beautiful umbrellas around the world. 

The detail is exquisite down to the unique, handmade handles some containing Swarovski crystals. Each umbrella is certainly made with love in Italy. Find your favorite with so many to choose from over at the Blue Onion Marketplace. Your skin will thank you. Ciao bella.

January 21, 2011

Rihanna's New Do!

I have always been a huge Rihanna fan especially a fan of her personal style. She is always willing to take a chance and rock original outfits without fear. Not only is it fun to watch her style evolve but her hair, makeup, and even nails are always in current fashion.

I absolutely loved the pixie cut that took Rihanna from girl to woman a couple years ago. It was simple, clean and modern. It did not distract from her beauty and allowed the clothes to steal the spotlight. Fast forward to 2011, the year of Rihanna's red hair. We have seen it go from short to super long and yesterday a fro!

Take a look at Rihanna's evolving look and tell me what you think!

January 3, 2011

Sally Hanson Salon Effects: Pretty as Lace

Trend Alert!! I actually spotted these Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips ($8.99) in Target on display and had to have them as I am a nail freak! I have a new color on each week, some due to chipping and some due to all the pretty shades I love. Well, these are stick on decals in a variety of over ten patterns and glittery shades. I was immediately drawn to one of the lace patterns which almost look like fishnet stockings. I also loved the leopard which I will be purchasing next. Said to last ten days, this was another factor in my purchase.

Skeptical, I thought, this will never work. I read the directions and observed the tools. Sticking them on was the easy part. The hard part was filing the tips off with the buffer they provide. Other than that, you have gorgeous, salon looking nails in ten minutes! There is absolutely no dry time....none! One tip is to make sure to push your cuticles back and have clean buffed nails. I love them and I will say I feel pretty sexy in lace all day.

*They should be in all variety stores this month!

UPDATE: Not only have I received an insane amount of compliments on my manicure, the strips DID last TEN days! I was very impressed. This product is well worth the ego boost you might get! 
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