December 28, 2009

Veil Yourself

Rihanna has had a tough year but the girl continues to persevere and proves to remain a fashion force to be reckoned with.  She is always seen rocking over the top fashions but somehow manages to pull off every look.  This weekend while performing a segment for the new year, she once again knocked it out of the park.  The most interesting part of her glam outfit was the veiled, flower topping hat from couture designer Heather Huey. Heather's designs have been seen on the pages of W, Vogue, and Bazaar to name a few.  Stylists everywhere covet her amazing fashions. She recently told that  “They actually pulled an eclectic mix of my headpieces and shoulder cages, but the flowered top hat certainly suited the occasion. Rihanna has proven over the years that she can rock a softer look as well as a hard look.”. Get ahead of the trend and veil yourself with Heather Huey. Come on, we all want to be rockstars.

December 11, 2009

Bostonians Brave the Elements

Kate Moss
Kate Moss
Bostonians know there are a harsh few months ahead.  The winter is finally here and there are a few essentials needed to stay warm while still remaining stylish.  Fighting the snow can be difficult, so some waterproof, lined boots are a necessity.  Try on a pair of rubber ducks from 80's Purple or the ever-so-chic Jargon boots from Nine West.  Tuck them into a pair of skinny jeans or heavy sweater tights.  One of the bright sides of a dreary winter is that layering provides added warmth and style at the same time.  American Apparel is a great resource ranging from spandex leggings to sweatshirt type tops that maintain a feminine silhouette.  This is the key to stay toasty warm.  The winter options out there are endless.  Faux-fur coats are another sure way to keep the nippy chill away.  Try out  H&M's wide selection of faux fur vest and coats or the ultra chic Alice + Olivia leopard style. Scarves from Madewell are a must to shield the wind as are basic beanies or berets. To avoid chapped, dry hands, do not forget some fabulous winter gloves.  For a rocker chic look, try 3.1 Phillip Lim studded gloves to add an extra edge.  Brave the elements in style.  Need some inspiration, just look at Kate Moss.

December 2, 2009


Today I was reading the Daily Candy and what pops up? A Boston Terrier face crafted out of gold brass and molded into my favorite form of jewelry, a ring.  For those who don't know, I also own a company called Scout and Lu based upon MY own two Bostons.  This ring  by a company called VERAMEAT comes in gold, silver, and red copper, the perfect piece for any fellow Bostonista.  As I kept reading, I found out this ring is right down the street from me in Flock Boutique at 274 Shawmut Ave.  I am running down there to buy mine as soon as I can get my boots on!

Show in Copper Brass, $150.
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