January 6, 2016

Must Have: Living Proof Night Cap

Being platinum blonde isn't easy folks. I love my lightened locks but the process has sure reeked havoc on my hair. The breakage and dryness has definitely changed the way I care for my hair. My stylist Laura Kuhns at Avanti Salon takes great measures in the dying process. She applies oil before coloring and a heavy gloss after. I also use color-treated shampoo and conditioner along with a silver shampoo once a week to maintain brightness.
My saviour though is Living Proof's Night Cap Repair. On nights before I shampoo, I slather my locks with this restoring treatment until morning. Night Cap creates enhanced shine, vibrancy, and manageability with results that last all week. It keeps my color vibrant with its cuticle sealing technology. My hair feels silky for days! It is one of my must have products.
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