October 4, 2009

Madewell 1937

It was Boston Fashion Week and the events were all a blast.  I was particularly impressed by the Madewell 1937 store on Newbury.  J.Crew CEO Millard Drexler  is behind the line and she nailed it.  The jeans are all different styles and fits and the staff is right on to help find you what you need....like your own personal stylist in the store.  The blazers with their beautiful gold buttons are perfectly fitted and the lining shows a unique pattern.  The staff by the way were also in elite shape modeling the line.  I was so impressed with one employee, Simone, I couldnt stop staring at.  I noticed a great deal of Dr.Marten esque type boots in the store and Simone wore them perfectly with her ensemble.  I think the boots I used to rock in grade school are coming back.  I wonder if my mom still has mine.  Simone shows how to take a couple trends together without trying to hard.  Her hairband was just a bonus.  I loved the way she wore it and how it sparkled.  I should have asked her where she got it.  Next time!

Check out their website which is pretty cool:www.madewell1937

*Katie and Suri Cruise were spotted here in October 2009*

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