November 27, 2009

Britney on the cover of Elle 2010

Someone I have always wanted to get my hands on is Miss Britney Spears.  She used to be a trendsetter and now some say a train wreck.  I think she has a potential.  I am probably bias since I have always been a fan.  Her body is amazing and obviously she has that pop star look.  If only she would pull it all together with some simple steps.  First, take out the extensions and keep the roots blonde! Your face is pretty enough to hold the hairstyle short while you grow it out.  Next, being a mother of two and always on the go, keep it simple.  Wear some long basic sweaters as we face winter, throw on skinny jeans, and knee-high boots.  You can wear dresses with any kind of tights.  There are so many to choose from right now.  Pick out some basic attire and dress it up with accessories such as the fedora or newsboy cap as we have seen you wear.  Makeup should be simple too.  When you have have a rough night's sleep, put on some of those big shades as we have seen all the celebrities do.  We all know you have it in there Britney, let's see that fashion icon pop out as well.

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