January 28, 2010

Kate Moss launches new Longchamp handbag collection

Kate Moss,36, does it all. She is the biggest fashion icon in the world, created a successful clothing line, developed four of her own perfumes, and is sometimes a London rockstar.  Now, she is a also a handbag designer. After modeling the brand for years, Moss partnered with Longchamp to create twelve different styles named after her favorite London places such as Soho.The bags are very vibrant, yet classic, and have plenty of Kate. Moss worked with artistic director Sophie Delafontaine to create a wearable line that represented her most idealistic bags.

The collection will be available in London on February 11th.
Moss and Longchamp celebrated the collection launch last night in Paris at the Ritz hotel. She showed up decked in Louboutins, lace, and silver streaks throughout her blond hair. The streaks were questionable but probably just Kate's way of mixing it up and keeping people guessing. Earlier that day, she showed at up at Stella McCartney's spring/summer show wearing a bag from her own collection.

The collection will be available here in Boston on the 11th as well.  To get on a waiting list call (617)425-0740 for Longchamp Boston at 139 Newbury Street.

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