August 21, 2010

Camera, Lights, Action! Oh My!

As I prepared for my news segment, I found out they were coming here to film my tips on budget shopping! My apartment was in remodel mode and I had 48 hours to "make it work." I called interior designer genius (and boyfriend's mom) Amy Chalmers to come help me get organized! Check her out on Maison Decor and here is a sneak peak at her blog:

 See the paint swatch on the wall?
Way too many patterns in the sofa pillows. 
Too much artwork on the walls.
 Things are gonna change fast!
Paint swatches on the wall in tiffany blue shades. 
The bright blue color she had originally chosen 
was inspired by a Sex in the City character. 
This color didn't take long to overstay its welcome.
Sarah is a blue person and she was looking for a softer blue.
She chose Bird Egg by Ben Moore.
Its looking better already. 
I created an office space by placing
 two mismatched pieces together
 to create a hutch that she could use for her office materials. 
A desk would be placed in that same area
 to create a designated office space.
Sarah painting out the old blue. 
Here is her office zone. 
Sarah has a bohemian vintage spirit in her personal style.
This comes across with the painted pieces and the 
unique accessories used to decorate her space.
I organized her collections and edited out busy patterns.
Only soft pastels and creamy whites were used
to give this room a serene feeling
 but one that still had a lot of interest
I only "redecorated" this space. 
Nothing new was purchased to makeover this room!
I'll admit I brought in a large frenchy bucket
 from my house for her curly willow branches.
The camera is in place getting ready for the shoot.
The other thing that was fun about this job was that 
Sarah needed a family to be interviewed
 about back to school shopping on a budget. 
Here is my handsome son, Colin
 who was featured in the segment.
Guess who was the mom in the segment?
She's styling me for my little part!
Sarah on camera, Channel 7, Boston
My turn..... 
Not too often do I get to do a makeover 
on a space and then turn into a television star....not!
All in the day of a life of a designer....
Isn't she cute? What do you think? Do you like the transformation?


Paige said...

O, mg. Major upgrade. That's almost the same color of my Minnesota bedroom. How divine!

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

Hi Sarah,

I follow Amy's blog and we've sort of developed a friendship through blogging, so I've read about you there.
I think she did a great job on your place! It looks fantastic!
And I just visited her blog again and see the outfits you picked out for her audition tomorrow. I love the skinny pants!
It's so cool that you all have a good relationship!

Best to you both,

(Nancy's Daily Dish)

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