September 8, 2010

The Body Deli's Fresh Food for the Skin

There is an amazing little deli in Palm Desert, CA. No, it does not butcher meats, but instead whips up amazing face and body products. The Body Deli products are created nutrition for the skin inside and out. They only use raw, fresh, natural and organic ingredients. The Fruit Smoothie Masque is a treat at just $24.00. This mask is used as an exfoliating treatment with Papaya Enzymes as the main ingredient. The result is silky, dewy skin.

Every product that The Body Deli creates is in handmade, small batches so you know you are receiving the freshest product around. For those who can't get to California, The Body Deli ships. Some products even require refrigeration so they remain invigorated on the journey. They are put in the "Ice Box" and shipped right to your door. Interestingly enough, our skins cells "respond better to ingredients that are enzymatic-ally alive." Each product even has an expiration date on the jar so you can get the most out of it.

The Body Deli is so innovative in their research on skin care. The whole concept is just cool. With a takeout menu and the store transformed to resemble a deli, it is an experience. Try it for yourself. There are products for EVERYONE.


Unknown said...

AWESOME Blog Post. Have a beautiful day!

To ELLE and Back said...

Sounds AMAZING!!! Right up my street....unfortunately not literally.

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