June 14, 2011

Country's Newest Star

Nichole McAllister grew up in Maine listening to country music every morning with her parents. In fourth grade she made the decision that she too would be a country star. Nichole lists Leann Rimes’ famous single, “Blue”, as her biggest inspiration. At nine, Nichole learned to play the piano and flute in less than a month. Her dedication is unparalleled. She started writing songs at fourteen and at the University of Southern Maine she started performing live.
One of her biggest and most personal songs is “Rush” where her guitar skills are truly shining. Among her many inspirations are Carrie Underwood, Brad Praisley, Tim McGraw, The Eagles and Martina McBride. Nichole makes music for anyone to relate to and give them those feelings to thrive on or as Nicole would say, “A rush.”
Listen to her new track  Rush  here**

Styled by Sarah McManus

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