December 21, 2011

Beauty and Fashion Tips for Winter

Winter is here once again and do you know what that means? It'll be hell for our skin, hair, figure and style. The constant juggling between the cold dry air outside and heat inside our homes and using the wrong products will surely wreak havoc on the skin we maintained for the whole year.The cold winds outside will blow away our hair into a beaten wirey mess.  Attending weekly (or even daily) parties and munching on sugary and fatty holiday foods will lead to unwanted pounds. And of course, the drab winter clothes and limited wardrobe will definitely cramp our personal fashion style. But don't fret because of you take note of the following, none of these problems would really matter:
Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize
Since the dreaded cold air outside leads to our skin being dry, it is best to regularly treat your skin with moisturizers, especially lotions and creams. You can use some body lotion before leaving the shower. As long as you moisturize yourself before leaving the house, you can rest assure that your skin will be safe. Switching to a heavier cream will also guarantee your skin's protection. Look for lotions with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) as they will really help you in preventing having dry skin. As for facial cleansers, go for the creamy ones like Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream. If you follow these, you won't definitely need a facelift when you're older and you want to rejuvenate your skin which you mistreated when you were younger.
Hair Care
Everytime we go out on the street, the harsh winter wind will blow away our hair. This is due to negative ions seaping into our hair resulting in individual strands repelling each other. In order to combat this, always use a mild shampoo and conditioner to wash away the negative ions. Wearing a fashionable bonnet or headwear will also help so your hair wouldn't look like you've just seen a yet.
Have a Bite
It can't be helped that everyone wants to celebrate the holidays with us because we're fabulous. December for a lot of us means hanging out with friends, officemates and of course, family. That also means that all of these events will have seemingly infinite amounts of food and maybe booze. You don't need a product here, just good old fashioned self-discipline. I mean, come on. You know what that Christmas ham tastes like as you've been having that for years. A little bite is enough to satisfy your taste buds.  With all the different side dishes and treats surrounding you, a little taste of each would be enough. As for alcohol, be sure to go drink the ones with the least carbs and alcohol content so you won't feel bloated. And a glass or two may be enough since getting wasted isn't the main objective of get togethers, it's the stories we share with our loved ones and feeling good is all that matter. So, a little self-control would suffice and if you don't have one, well better start practicing now or you'll be sorry the day you'll get a lipo to get rid of the fat you stored throughout all those Christmas parties...
Smashin' Fashion
When it's winter-time, the characters on TV would usually wear drab clothes and coats. They also come in three boring colors; gray, white, and black. It doesn't have to be like this for us girls. We can still be stylish despite wearing layer upon layer of clothes. This is even a great opporunity to dress up once we realize that we have more clothing options. Just look into your wardrobe (or even your parents and siblings) and look for different coats and even leather jackets. Mix and match according to your own sense of style. You can wear those boots you haven't worn the whole year. Even the old Christmas sweaters your granny has been giving you every year can still have purpose (unless they're really hideous). And most importantly, accessorize! Go put on some bracelets, earrings and sunglasses to complete your look. Now go out there and show that cold winter wind that us ladies can fight back and still look ridiculously fab!

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