September 29, 2012

Inside the Tent: Avni Trivedi

"Born and raised in India, Avni’s designer Avni Trivedi spent her formative years immersed in the rich history, vibrant fashion and beautiful art of Indian culture". With Avni, Trivedi blends her Eastern heritage with her Western urban eye to form a contemporary cultural connection for women. All of her collections are from luscious fabrics made by artisans in India.

The show started out with the Japanese Drummers of Rutsubo Taiko banging on drums and setting the mood. The clothes were light and airy with gorgeous sparkling gems on each arm. The metallic shoes added a simple element to the intricate designs. 
Loving this number and color!
The insane head wear is courtesy of Chhabra Bridal Wear in Cambridge.
The hair was very sleek but creative with long, elegant braids.

Pops of color appeared everywhere during the show.

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