March 2, 2013


I attended the Gusto-O Blow Dry Bar event last Wednesday and was completely smitten. This little salon is absolutely adorable with it's bright orange and pink decor including luxurious black leather chairs. I had my hair done with a glass of pink champagne in hand and was shocked by the technique. I had the Siren as it is called which are long, loose curls and the stylist actually curled my hair just using brushes. She would dry my hair while twirling the brush around and actually leaving it in like rollers for a few minutes. Needless to say, I was all glammed up.

The salon offers my two favorite lines, Living Proof and Oribe. I met owner, Kacey Pohlad, who was super sweet and happy to chat Gusto-O. After some Georgetown cupcakes and my new do, I was on my way to a fabulous night!
In January of 2012, Kacey Pohlad and Betsy Hawn left their careers to enthusiastically start the entrepreneurial adventure known as Gust-o. Together they recognized the market opportunities in both the East Coast hub of Boston and Midwest metro of Minneapolis, where the two live respectively. With distinct professional backgrounds, Kacey and Betsy jointly shared the same passion and vision of providing women with a unique salon experience that is time efficient, luxurious and stylish. - See more at:


Elissa said...

Yes! You look so fab! So great to meet you in person at CR!!! See you around, doll!

Kristen said...

Cutie :)

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