July 5, 2013

July's Favorite Things

It's been awhile since I have posted but I am finally back in action and totally excited about it! For my first post back, I have decided to post a few of my favorite things this month. These have become my staples lately and I wanted to share with all you. I hope everyone had an AMAZING 4th of July! xx
I am the kind of girl who feels naked without my rings These two have become my favorite combo. 
I bought this little leather Rebecca Minkoff coin purse at the Gilt Sale a couple years back. I suddenly rediscovered it and keep all that extra change we get in there. It also fits my T-pass which I was constantly losing. I love the red. It's unique. 
My amazing friend gave me this after I kept admiring it on her wrist. She had two and tricked me into borrowing this, knowing I am probably not giving it back! An evil eye always makes me feel a bit more lucky.
I bought these on yet another Gilt sale. They are so light yet make such a statement. I think they are very rare looking; almost vintage.
All sunglasses do not have to be designer. These adorable, heart-shaped sunnies are perfect for the warm weather, especially when you want to have some fun!

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