January 25, 2014

Beyond Brows

Oh, Ashley Olsen, JLO, and Jessica Alba. Can I please have your brows? Sometimes, I really wish I could go back to that night in high school when I took my mirror and those tweezers and just kept plucking. I think I was going for that old school Drew Barrymore look when it was cool to have, well, basically no brows at all. Times have changed and the thicker, the better. Of course, my brows have grown since but still need some grooming. After endless trials, I have finally found the best eyebrow pencil in the universe. Hello Dior Brow Styler Precision Pencil!

The brow styler only comes in one universal shade. It works with any hair color and skin tone. I swear! I feel like it was designed especially for me. The pencil is ultra-fine for amazing filling and shaping. You control how dark and dramatic you want your brows to look. After reading the countless reviews, I can say this really is an incredible product. Sure, it is $29 but worth every single penny. It will last awhile and never breaks unlike some other pencils I know (hint, hint....MAC). Ladies, the search stops here.

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