September 24, 2014

Eyelash Central

Trust me, I have tried every mascara out there. I have spent hundreds of dollars on them searching endlessly for the thick, long lashes we see in the magazines and every celebrity. Year after year, I’ve searched for the perfect way to add volume, length, and thickness to my lashes. How does Jennifer Lopez do it? I finally decided that enough was enough—it was time to take the plunge into the world of eyelash extensions.

That is where eyelash guru Andrea Starr came to the rescue. She's the best in the business and I enlisted her to help a girl out. Starr opened her namesake, Eyestarr, on Newbury three years ago. The adorable studio is adorned with pictures of long-lashed celebs and old-Hollywood starlets as a throwback to an era where the focus was on thick, full brows and voluminous eyelashes. Starr is as beautiful as her shop and quite a fashionista. With a list of celebrity clientele and a Boston Magazine Best of Boston award under her belt among others, she really knows her stuff. She customizes her extensions to each individual client. After a consultation, we settled on a full, dramatic look for my first set of lash extensions, which were a mixture of silk, mink, and synthetic lashes.

I laid back and Starr placed pads over my bottom lashes and under the top ones. She then proceeded to work her magic by individually attaching each lash with medical glue. The entire process was painless and quite relaxing. Along the way, I chatted with Starr and was impressed by her beauty knowledge. The session took about an hour, and she said the lashes would be sealed on for the next four weeks.
I was worried about what showering and other daily activities would do to my lashes, but Starr put my fears to rest. She said that water is excellent for the extensions, so I can feel free to swim and shower normally. However, she said I should avoid using oily creams and makeup because this can harm the adhesive.
I am so happy with the results, and my lashes have received numerous compliments. Of course, I bat my eyes and say "thank you.” I have been wearing them for a couple months now with a touch up every four weeks.  An extra bonus is the lashes are always curled, so no mascara is needed. Bye bye, racoon eyes!

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