October 20, 2015

Truth: Brazilian Wax

It's surprising how I've never had a bikini or brazilian wax. I decided it was finally time to see what everyone was talking about. No one ever really talks about the experience so I wasn't totally sure what I was getting into. Elizabeth Grady on Newbury Street seemed to be the right choice for my first time experience. 

They say to take two aspirin before you go to minimize the pain and of course I forgot. Boy, I wish I did. It is definitely a little awkward at first. You are stripping naked in front of a complete stranger. All the steps were explained so I was put more at ease. Elizabeth Grady doesn't use waxing strips so the pain is minimized and irritation is lessoned later. The first patch hurt like crazy and I knew this would not be fun. Have your esthetician take smaller than large patches while waxing. It will be way easier to endure. I admit I had to stop during the visit a few times but I braved through with help.

The end result was worth the pain and I haven't had growth in two weeks. If you want to continue waxing, be sure not shave. With each wax session, hair will grow in thinner so it will not hurt as much each time you go. I might never use my razor again.

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