March 7, 2010

StyleBoston Shoot

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of filming my first on air segment for StyleBoston.  It was filmed at H&M in Downtown Crossing for the Recessionista Challenge which required a contestant to pick the best, frugal outfit using Polyvore.  The winner was Jaime Ganson, a fashion blogger from Brookline.  I had the honor of choosing some chic yet affordable looks for her to air on the segment.  Choosing the clothes was easy as it is my job.  I love shopping at H&M because it is so affordable and have so many off the runway styles you can try.  If you don't want to spend a fortune on a single trend, then H&M is where to go.  There was so much to choose from as we are diving into spring.  I finally narrowed it down to three outfits and when I met Jaime, I was able to pick the final two with her approval.

I was terrified to film at first but then realized we all seemed a bit nervous.  Host, Miss Mass Lacey Wilson, showed up at 6ft tall to my 5ft frame and we were ready to go.  Lacey assured me the segment was conversational and hearing that I relaxed.  I could talk to a tree!  The filming went smoothly and hopefully when it airs, I won't hide in embarrassment.  Everyone was so wonderful and easy to work with. Thanks StyleBoston for the opportunity.


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