March 6, 2010

Wellie Craze

It's funny how Hunter Wellington boots a.k.a "Wellies" started out in the farm diversification program to tackle the Scottish Highlands. As we know here in Boston, the rain and sleet can sometimes feel like trekking through a farm pasture. Coming from the UK since 1856, Wellies have become a staple in Boston as we head into late winter and the rain is worse than ever. Hollywood even loves the trend for the boot's sleek look and comfort. Kate Moss and Rachel Bilson are fans.

The boots range from every color in the rainbow and come in both short and tall lengths. Green and black are the classic staples. With no-slip tread soles and waterproof uppers, they are sure to keep you snug and dry.

Find your pair ($115.00) at Nordstrom at 75 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803.

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