April 29, 2010

City of Bows

Love them or hate them, bows are everywhere. Whether you are watching tv or shopping in a store, a bow is sure to cross your path. I am having a love/hate with the bow seeing as it has become so mainstream, and the fact Tavi got away with wearing a bow headband so large it could have eaten Marc Jacobs at his show. If I was behind her, there would have been issues. The bow does however, take me back to 1st and 2nd grade when my mom would always stick a huge headband in my hair right before we left for school. I think it was my trademark for a little while. Seen on the runways, bows are in whether I like them or not.  What do you think?

Givenchy (In Style)

Want to try the trend? Here is a look from Forever 21 and it's only $6.

1 comment:

Simone said...

I love headbands! The thick ones are perfect for when you wait a little longer than usual to get your roots done... they don't show as bad!

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