April 10, 2010

Gucci Westman for Revlon

Gucci Westman is known by celebrities and the beauty culture worldwide. She is responsible for many of the runway looks we see every season and is currently the Revlon Global artisitic director.  She recently created her first palette and lip gloss line for them.

Many of is think that good makeup has to be expensive but not always. Another leading makeup artist, Pat McGrath, is responsible for many drugstore finds as well such as L'Oreal Liquid Liner Intense for the cat eye look.  She created the popular DiorShow mascara out of using  a toothbrush to gain more volume at a fashion show. Hence, the ultimate Dior wand.

That is why when I heard about Gucci's new line for Revlon, I had to find out all I could. Gucci was inspired by ice cream colors and the sixties. She added a milkiness to them to work with any skin tone. They are wearable summer shades starting at $8.99. My personal fave is the Colorburst Lipstick in Coral. I am going to try to be more bold with my lips this summer. Get to your nearest CVS and pick up this collection.

As for the fall trends, Gucci predicts, "Probably a sense of Seventies chic, those Newton women in Vogue......a lip, warmer, deeper shades, sheer tawny chocolate browns, reds, emerald greens, greys for the eyes and healthy luminous skin" as told to Vogue.

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