June 13, 2010

Inside My Jewelry Box

Aunt Sadie's held their annual Sidwalk Yard Sale last weekend. I wait for this all year, seriously. They have half their inventory out for at least 70% off. One dollar candles, two dollar cards, three dollar pillows, and home goods galore. I live for this. This year I found one special treasure, a three dollar jewelry box with vintage jewelry inside. Of course, I grabbed it along with a baby smock for my new cousin, a Boston Terrier notebook, the jewels and some other goodies. Here are a few:
This is the adorable $3 box!
Vintage gloves, a unique ornament ordained with glitter, a candle and paper labels are among the gifts I purchased.

 These are some beads and vintage earrings from the sale. I love all of them. The Chanel bracelet is a paper mache made out of magazine clippings. It was the first present from my boyfriend.

Another jewelry spot. Sometimes I hang my earrings from pretty glasses objects I pick up. Another jewelry box hangs out on the side. 

Some feathered earrings over my mirror and near a Marilyn Monroe quote I enjoy.

Overall, it was again another great sale and I am lucky I live less than a block away.
18 Union Park
Boston, MA 02118-2130
(617) 357-7117

You can find me showing off this thrifty nifty idea at Coastal Charm! 


Amy Chalmers said...

Jealous....can I come next time??

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Love the feather earrings! :)

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Those vintage gloves are so pea pinkin cute! Thanks for coming to my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS party...hope you have a fun time here:)


Unknown said...

Thanks everyone especially Linda for having me. Everything was so precious so I had fun posting this.

Anonymous said...

Great finds and even better prices. Displayed wonderfully.
There are several sales I wait all year for, and get anxious as the date draws near.

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