June 10, 2010

Try a new Yoga Trend

It has been said that yoga can become a lifestyle, so why settle for anything but the best when it comes to yoga gear? Plank designs have created a way to keep you stylish while in a deep pose.

The brand Plank was created by stylish, British Doreen Hing.This luxury lifestyle brand brings many Yoga philosophies for a unique, artistic & relevant perspective. This brand stands out by using distinguished Photo Mat Series which are commissioned art quality images rendered onto eco-friendly natural rubber. The mats come in four, mesmerizing patterns called Plank, Shag, Cobra, and Pills each representing a different aspect and benefit of yoga.

Plank mats retail for $95, include stylish accessories in many chic colors starting at $195. Find yours in a variety of lifestyle and yoga stores nationwide or online at plankdesigns.com.

For further information, contact Jessica deGuardiola of 5s Public Relations at 617.426.1806 or email jessica@5spr.com


Doreen Hing said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the shout out...
There's a chance to win a Plank mat for yourself or for dad as part of Plank's father's day competition.

All about making yoga & fitness fun & accessible.
Doreen aka TWHG...

Unknown said...

Oh nice! Thanks!

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