July 20, 2010

Fresh Summer Skin

The reason Sandra Curzi has won "Boston’s Best Facial" four times is because she is that good. She has worked on what is considered one of the world’s most renowned areas in beauty for over thirty years, the infamous Newbury Street. This summer with the heat rising, the best beauty trend you can fight back with is clear skin. Sandra shares  her tips to achieve that dewy, skin here!

“A person’s skin is part of a whole system and it reacts to other things like stress and lack of sleep, lousy diet or no exercise. I can tell them if a certain part of a face is breaking out from hormones, stress, and an outside cause like a ball cap, bangs or the phone near their chin. Educating my clients about what triggers a breakout help to avoid these triggers. Last month, I told a young male client to keep his hair off his forehead and it worked like a charm in one month.”

What is the best advice for skin especially during Boston’s humid summers?

“The best skin care advice is often specifically tailored to a client's skin care problem. In summer, the best thing you can do for skin is use sun protection every day even if you are not lying on a beach somewhere. Try to get a facial once a month and use good skin care products. It is the same as getting your teeth cleaned by the dental hygienist and brushing and flossing. There are so many professional treatments to keep one's skin looking perfect at any age and for every season. Each season brings different problems.”

There are so many myths about skin care. What is one that comes to mind especially about summer?

“I have heard so many but I think the worst advice I heard is that tanning will get rid of pimples and that the sun will dry them out. This seems some times to work but it will make the skin worse in a few weeks. The sun compromises your immune system and causes it not to be able to fight off infections giving a boost to low grade, opportunistic viruses lurking in our bodies so two weeks later or sooner your skin may break out worse. Tanning also may look better but, it does age the skin. It also changes the instructions in the skin cells leading to wrinkles and skin cancers.”

What products do you suggest that show some a real difference?

Dr.Renaud products are wonderful because they change with the research. They have healing treatments for fragile skin to acne problems. Their research team is always seeking better treatments from natural products. Skincueticals is the other line I carry. It is remarkable for the aging process and helping your own skin recover elasticity and resilience. There are a lot of copy cats but I know his stuff is the real thing. They both give amazing results.”

You have clearly been noticed for your skills. What makes you stand out to give such great advice?

“I love what I do and I am completely into solving the clients’ skin care problems. Secondly, it's 40 years of experience in learning and applying the treatments to solve the problems. Third, I love teaching them about their skin and how to incorporate good habits into their lifestyle. I treat the skin holistically which is why I ask them about their lifestyle: how much sleep do they get, do they have a stressful job or life, what's their diet like, etc."

"Often, I find out from the first treatment what they should change to see a change in their skin. So many of my clients have been with me and aged along with me for years. I could not imagine doing any other thing. My friends refer to it as a part time “hobby”. That's why I'm so good at it.”

To book an appointment with Sandra call (617) 645- 4305.
Find her at Avanti Salon, 11 Newbury Street, Boston, MA, 02216.
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Julie Q said...

I might just have to book a birthday facial with her ASAP! My skin is totally acting out with the humidity

Unknown said...

She is so great. I had one with her and my skin cleared right up. She also gives so many tips and secrets to skin if you ask her. She knows her stuff!

Tribe said...

Sandra is a skincare guru beyond compare! Also, she's damn interesting to talk to about anything. I definitely second Sarah's endorsement and suggest you book with her immediately!

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