July 29, 2011

The Fish and Bone: Fashionable Pets!

As you know I have my two beloved dogs, Scout and Lu. My go-to destination for the best shop in Boston is the Fish and Bone. It was actually just named Boston's Best! This is like a toy store for pets and I must admit it was quite a fun trip for myself. This time I needed some new gear for Scout and Lu. Owner, Kathy Palmer, couldn't be more nice or knowledgeable. She has her own little furry pug named Zip. He is quite the character and the inspiration for the Fish and Bone. This shop couldn't hold anymore than you need for your doggie. Filled with food, toys, collars, leashes, beds, and so much more. You will not find the unique products Kathy has filled this store with anywhere esle.
Pet lovers shopping the boutique!
Custom made portraits hang behind the counter.
There are shelves and shelves of books, gifts, and toys!
Little trinkets to add to your pets collar are absolutely adorable.
There are jackets, t-shirts and more to keep your pooch fashionable!
This water bowl struck a cord with me.
Kathy has lined up numerous treats to keep a dog very happy including 'novel' proteins (hypo-allergenic) like duck and elk.
Hungry, thirsty? There are the cutest bowls and accessories.
Need a bandana? Fish and Bone has them!
Scout and Lu in their glory!
Lulu in her new harness.
A tribute to Zip!
Leather Heart Collar $44.99
New Harness $22.99

Boston, MA 02116

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