July 17, 2011

Put a Bun On It!

H&M Dress, Velle Clutch, Vintage Jewelry
My inspiration
I went to my cousin's wedding this weekend in Newport, RI at the fabulous Belle Mer. I decided to do a little something different with my short hair and put a gorgeous bun on top like many celebrities have been wearing lately. I went to the Queen of Updo's and Blondes, Miss Priscilla Collins, at Avanti Salon. I picked up an extension down at My Wig World in Temple Place. Priscilla is a master with extensions and coloring blondes like myself. Boy, did she give me exactly what I wanted! Here are some pictures. Be sure to check out Priscilla's website while you are it.
Sister and Mom
The fabulous view at the Belle Mer
The Love of my life
The bun even lasted throughout the entire night

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