March 30, 2012

Lucky Elephant: Alex and Ani

How much I love Alex and Ani bracelets may start becoming a problem for my wallet but sometimes I just can't resist. Walking in there is like walking into a candy store. There is so much to choose from and like Veruca Salt, "I want it now". There was one charm I was patiently waiting for so when I heard it was here, of course, I had to run down to Newbury and scoop it up. 
It is the Elephant charm by Charity by Design. I adore elephants and how they can bring you luck. "Extraordinarily protective, elephants are known to stand up for others encouraging the values of camaraderie, perseverance, and unity. With a trunk up for luck, wear The Elephant Charm to inspire others to pursue their passions and embrace the power of teamwork." How adorable?
Not to mention that 20% will go to  Friends of Jaclyn, an organization in which athletic programs adopt children with pediatric brain tumors to provide them with love, support and lasting friendships.

This is what I want next:

1 comment:

Squared said...

Awesome! I really like Alex and Ani. I actually found out about them recently. I have that pretty bracelet that you want next, but want so many more... right now I'm really into their rings.

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