March 25, 2012

Who's That Girl: Gilda Miranda

Yesterday was the Blog Better Boston Conference at the Google Center where over a hundred bloggers gathered to meet and learn some tricks about blogging. I had the pleasure of hanging out with the lovely Gilda Miranda of the amazing Take It From Me blog. I must say she was the best dressed.  
She really nailed the Spring trends right down to her vintage green handbag. 
Gilda mixes high and low with her style. Her silver, sparkly covered fur jacket was a find on sale at Club Monaco while her chic capri, pastel yellow pants are from Saks. Her accessories really make the outfit pop.
The insane shoes she worked all day were all due to STA Consignment for a grand total of $20. The creative thing about Gilda is she added the ankle strap.
Overall, it was a great day! I learned a lot, made new friends and contacts and even got some swag. Do you like Gilda's outfit?


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Those shoes are amazing-$20 wow!!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that she was the best dressed at the conference. Thanks for posting this, I was checking out her outfit all day!

Gilda Miranda said...

This is awesome Sarah! Thank you Sooo much! I can't wait to share w friends! Xo

Unknown said...

I'm glad everyone liked it!

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