February 22, 2011

Brenda and Sonny's Wedding

I can honestly and maybe embarrassingly say that I have been waiting for soap's hottest couple, Brenda and Sonny, to get married since tenth grade. I would race home and make sure I was in front of the tv with my uniform still on to watch GH everyday. So much for homework, right?
It's been over twelve years and finally Brenda and Sonny said I do. Vanessa Marcil doesn't need much to make her gorgeous but Oscar De La Renta created her exquisite white and pink gown. The top bodice is a soft pink and leads to a big bow and train in the back. The rest of the dress is an innocent white with lace and floral detail. It is insane.
"It’s Oscar De La Renta and it’s insanely beautiful. I really love it. Mary Iannelli, our wardrobe girl, found it. They did a lot of custom stuff. It’s really incredibly beautiful.  Brenda’s never been super caught up [with clothes]. I think she could care less. She actually says at one point she’d marry Sonny in her jeans. She doesn’t care too much about the d├ęcor and the dress and the details and the flowers," says Marcil.


Julie Q said...

I feel like I'm the only one out there that appreciates this post as much as you do. Although I'm not even ready to talk about the last scene on Friday's episode. I need a couple more days to let it sink in :(

Unknown said...

Haha I know. Thank you for your comment! Someone cares! This whole thing is amazing and I did really love her dress!

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