February 22, 2011

Nail File: Shellac Shine

The second I found out what the words shellac manicure meant, I was hooked. As most of you know, I am a nail fanatic. I've tried every color, length, shade, and decal and now SHELLAC; fourteen days,  no-chip, highly intense, glossy nails.

The posh MiniLuxe on  Newbury Street was kind enough to set me up with a shellac manicure at the relaxing boutique salon. This is not a polish but a gel that is layered and dries within a minute under a UV light hardening the gel for zero chips. MiniLuxe uses CND's formula that comes in twelve colors. I chose Fedora, a Merlot like red. This coming Month, they will be featuring more colors which is great!

The whole process was forty five minutes and not as much soaking/filing. Once the layer is under the lamp, it is dry. You can dig for car keys right then and there. The results were amazing and I have never seen my nails so glossy. The compliments started right away and two weeks later, I can say no chips. My nails really were stronger and healthier.

To remove, you can have them professionally taken off or use 99% acetone.


Unknown said...

I love the idea of not having to get a maniure every week, or every other week which seems to suit my schedule and wallet. However, I have had a couple friends get this done and while the initial result is great, the state of their nails post-shallac was not so great. You may have a totally different experience though. Report back once you take it off. I am dying to try this and want other opinions.

Unknown said...

I loved it. I removed after the two weeks but probably could have gone longer! The cuticles will grow but it is hardly noticeable.

Unknown said...

That is so good to know. I'm sold!

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