February 1, 2011

Bubbles and Bodywear

Look out Kim Kardashian. Your famous asset may not be so unattainable anymore! Now girls everywhere can have that derriere they desire, no gym necessary. Bubbles and Bodywear has created this magic little collection that turns even JLO’s head when you walk by. Used by stylists on the sets of Vogue, these little padded miracles have made their way through the fashion scene everywhere.

The creator, Karen Jones, was fed up with her lack of........a booty. Bang, the Bootiful Boyshorts which act as a push-up bra for your butt. Bootiful Boyshorts are specially designed to give that realistic shape and act with “reversible undetectable, removable pads”!  Bubbles and Bodywear has worked wonders for a few of my clients who have always sought that "curvier than though" shape. The line also has everything to keep you from a fashion mishap like Everyday Pasties which cover your, um, you know.   These are perfect for those especially hard to wear tops that require a plunging neckline, strapless, or backless designs. Dare to bear. 

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