May 16, 2011

The Assistant File: Umbrella Clarity

Target, $16.99
The Hip Chick

With all the snow and rain we experience in Boston every girl needs an umbrella in their arsenal. Since we have to use them more often than we’d like, I say they should be a stylish accessory. I love a clear bubble umbrella because it looks perfect with any outfit. It also works great against the wind and rain, and you can see where you are walking with ease. Pair this umbrella with great cutting rain jacket and Hunter boots so you’ll be ready to impress the queen of Umbrellas, Rihanna 
By: Michelle Ross


Anonymous said...

Aw I love that last one! I think I need a clear one, and a really really big one!

this weather sucks eh?

Miss Neira

Unknown said...

The weather is awful!!! Yeah, aren't they cute?

Anonymous said...

I got sooo soaked this morning in NYC (I was on my way to a sample sale, I was so determined, luckily the downpour meant less of a crowd at the sale yipeeee!) and I decided I really need one of these umbrellas that curve over your head to stop the rain... The Hip Chick one is so sute :-)

Kristen said...

Definitely needing a new umbrella. A cute one. If I am going to be CARRYING IT EVERY DAY! Sheesh, Boston!

Shanna-Marie Beattie said...

These are amahhhzing. I hate skimpy lil black ones!! Thanks for sharing :)

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