May 10, 2011

Style File: The Tutu Effect

I'm sure every girl has worn a tutu once in her life. I started at the age of three in my dancing recitals. SJP brought the trend to real life debuting her infamous tutu in the beginning of the Sex and the City opening. Almost ten years later, she wore it again in the first movie. Of course, Carrie Bradshaw could never part with her tutu.  This scene started the show off on one big fashion note. The trend still continues today especially through Betsey Johnson, designer and tutu goddess. She even wore one on her 68th birthday. Now, that is some serious style! Take a look at some tutus of the past and present.
Carrie Bradshaw in her opening credits.
Bringing back the tutu from the back of her closet.
I style my sister in my prom dress from ten years ago!
Seen on 90210 last night.

Seen at the Every Girl Book Event, this makeup artist rocker her tutu dress.
Even Miss Katy Perry loves a great Betsey creation.
The actual dress Betsey Johnson wore on her birthday.

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