May 9, 2010

Armani's Celebrity Face Designer, Tim Quinn

  Read my interview featured in this week's Boston Herald blog.

Q&A with Celebrity Make-Up Artist Tim Quinn
Tim Quinn is known everywhere as one of the world’s best makeup artists. I can attest to the fact, it is true. He is the celebrity face designer and national director of creative artistry for Giorgio Armani Beauty. You may have seen him on the red carpet or gracing the pages of Elle, Cosmopolitan and Allure to name a few. Recently named, “Hollywood’s Makeup Artist of the Year in 2008″ by the Hollywood Life Magazine. Tim has also been named one of the “25 Beauty Stars” in W magazine. He has painted the faces of such stars as Gwen Stefani, Debra Messing, Katie Holmes and Kate Bosworth to name a few. I met Tim back in 2004 while I worked at the Improper Bostonian. Tim did my makeup for an event I had that night and when I looked in the mirror, my jaw dropped. No wonder celebrities always look so good.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with him at Saks in Boston last week while he was there for a public appearance. I decided to ask him for an interview to share with Bostonians some key makeup tips from the best pro around. We caught up, talked makeup, and got my face glowing in Armani.

S: What would you tell aspiring makeup artists today?
T: You have to listen to your own self because everyone is going to tell you something different. If you are lowsey, you’ll catch on pretty quick. (Tim is self-taught).
S: Who do you love working with and want to work with in the future.
T: Michelle Trachtenberg is great. She is such a professional. Uma Thurman I love. I’m dying to work with Megan Fox. We just got her for our underwear campaign and I am hoping we get in her into the beauty phase. I have always liked her look.
S: What are the biggest summer trends?
T: Bronzer. We’ll do it all over again. Especially up here, everyone is doing it in that three months that we have to make it happen. I always love a nude lip but a lot more color on the lip for fun. Sandra Bullock, Maggie Gyllenhaal have be seen with this lip.
S: What are your must have products?
T: Luminous Silk Foundation, Le Touch Eclat is something you can use for everything to bright and highlight. I’m addicted to Hampton Sun. They have the most amazing sun care. It promotes a healthy tan and the textures are unbelievable.
S: What is the most common beauty mistake women make?
T: The most common mistake is not keeping up with change. We see people get stuck in another reality. Stay current.
(Tim’s assistant, Fatima, prepped my skin with moisturizer and primer telling me it is essential.)
S: Are there any skin tips you have pre-makeup?
T: Same thing. Moisturizer, fruit, and water. It really makes a difference.
S: What is your favorite part of the job?
T: The people, I have more conversations. The eye cream I carry on the plane with me is a conversation starter alone. I meet all kinds of people and that is the best part.

In the end, once again I felt like a movie star and had the pleasure of talking with one of the greats in my industry who I am lucky enough to call a friend. It was a perfect Friday afternoon in my opinion.

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