May 27, 2010

The Pixie Cut

Not since the days of Iggy have we seen so many pixie cuts popping up. Personally, I absolutely love this look. You have to be super confident to wear this style. Hollywood trendsetters are giving us more confidence every day. This cut is perfect for summer and so easy to style. I recently cut off inches and inches slowly working my way to a pixie cut....someday.

My Version of a Pixie

Michelle Williams shows how to wear the pixie two ways.

The newest short do that debuted last night on American Idol was Miss Janet Jackson's. Coming out in a long cape-like dress, Miss Janet showed her newly chopped locks or barely there locks I should say. She looked amazing and only a woman as beautiful as her could pull this off. She is still "nasty" in my opinion.

 Get your pixie at Jeffrey Lyle Salon on Newbury Street.


@maisondecor said...

I had a pixie cut in the sixth mom took me to the salon and told me I was going to get a "mia farrow"..(this was in the late 60s).This is not what you do to a little girl in 5th grade, cut her hair shorter than her brothers. You are right you need tons of confidence to wear this look. I wish I did, but in 5th grade, who does? To this day I get worried when I get shorter than normal haircuts..I think they call that post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Unknown said...

Haha. I have had so many similar experiences. There will be a post coming on those!

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