April 21, 2011

MAKEUP REPORT: Rouge Coco Shine

I could not help myself when I heard about this amazing new makeup invention; a gloss and lipstick in one. You know when you put on a gloss, but there is not enough color? Then when you put on a lipstick, there is not enough shine. This is the perfect combination of both. It is called Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel of course! 

Inspired by the alluring Coco Chanel, the colors are mainly named after Coco and her boyfriend Boy Capel's travels. The most popular of course is Boy named after Capel. It is a nude with a hint of pink and looks great on everyone. 

The product is a fusion of both lipstick and gloss. It feels so amazing on the lips and is extremely hydrating. Oh how genius? I have been waiting for something like this for years. Walla, Coco Shine. It is now one of the most used products on the Chanel runway. The new trend in makeup is here and we aren't you enticed?

786 Boylston Street, Boston 
(617) 541-0077

1 comment:

Kristen said...

I can't wait to try it! Thanks for the heads up!

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